School Policy

Driving School Policy

RainCity Driving School Ltd.
5115 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, BC
office hour 10am to 5pm

The one hour lesson breakdown:

The fee per each 60 minute lesson is $60 plus $20 for home pick up and drop off, payable at the start of each lesson.
Students must provide a valid BC Drivers License at the start of each lesson.

The first 5 minutes of the lesson are for registration, ID check, reviewing any prior lesson and theory of the planned lesson. This is followed by an in-car practical session of 50 minutes. The last 5 minutes at the end of the lesson is set for review, summarizing the lesson and booking your next appointment if needed.

We offer one-on-one training however one other person may be in the vehicle for observation purposes.

Our Packages:

90 Minutes (Basics)
  • $90.00 (No Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
  • $110.00 (With Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
2 Hours (Basics)
  • $120.00 (No Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
  • $140.00 (With Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
6 Hours (Basics)
  • $348.00 (No Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
  • $428.00 (With Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
12 Hours (Full)
  • $672.00 (No Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
  • $832.00 (With Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
18 Hours (Comprehensive)
  • $972.00 (No Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
  • $1,212.00 (With Pick Up/Drop Off Service)
Road Tests:

With the approval of the instructor, students may use the school vehicle for the road test for an extra fee of $100.00 paid in advance.
Road Test bookings can be made by RainCity Driving School Ltd for a fee of $30. Students are required to sign consent and a release form before road test appointments will be booked.


The school may cancel your scheduled appointment for any unforeseen circumstances, e.g. your instructor falling ill, car troubles or poor road conditions. Students will be notified as soon as possible. The lesson will be rescheduled.

The school can cancel your lessons with NO refunds, if the student is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or using foul, abusive or aggressive language.

RainCity Driving School is committed to providing all of our students with consistent and reliable service. When a student cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another student from having a lesson.

Please call or text us at 604-857-4857 as soon as possible to notify us of any changes or late cancellations. Note that cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson may be charged $30 for the missed appointment.

Students must give the school 72 hours notice to cancel a road test booked by the school. Failure to do this may result in ICBC charging the student a $25 late cancellation fee.


Students are expected to complete their package within twelve months from the day of registration. No refund or lessons will be given for incomplete courses after twelve months. Ideally, a minimum of one lesson per week will be expected from all students.

We do not offer refunds for lessons and packages already completed. If you have prepaid for a package and wish to discontinue training please notify us and we will do everything possible to address your concerns. Students are requested to bring their concerns with the head office as soon as possible. There will be a maximum of fifty percent refund ONLY for early cancellations if it applies.